Saturday, January 12, 2008

Our First Design of 2008!

I love the rich colors of the Allspice line by Fig Tree Quilts so it was my choice for our first new design of 2008. This 3-pc set consists of a corset top that does up the back, a sweet peasant top and Euro flare pants. I love cut of these pants. If only we could make them big enough for me!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Happy New Year - a few days late :)

I don't usually do the whole new year's resolution thing. I'm not good with ultimatums :). Instead I pick one thing that I want to focus on. Last year it was organization. This year my focus is really going to be on friends. Many of our friends live in different locations all over North America and all over the world and it really takes some work to keep in touch with everyone. As Reilly gets older I realize that he has never even met so many of our favourite people in the whole world (yes Mark you're one of them and one day we will get to Australia & little Sora and Reilly will meet). I am really going to work on my correspondence although you should all know you are always in our thoughts & hearts. :)

Inspired by this, I have also decided to take my business in this direction. Look for some exciting collaborations coming up with friends both old & new! Ohhhh I can't wait for you to see :).

Also look for some boy's designs featuring my little cutie pie! He has finally decided to throw aside the spidey costume & jump into some Giraffikiki Kids - well only for 15 min and for a share of the profits. He is a pretty good negotiator despite being only 4.

Happy New Year to all!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas at the Heipel's

Just sharing some pics from the holidays. Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas and here's to 2008!

Opening presents Christmas morn.

Are there any left in there??????



Greg- first day of beard growth. Yes, it's true he's growing a beard. I am devastated! I guess every man has to grow a beard once in his life just to prove that he can.

Me - finally on the other end of the camera lens

Good Ol' Genghis Khan having a snooze.




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