Tuesday, August 28, 2007

A great find!

Ok, not to push a product but I have to rave about this new shampoo I found. I like to buy natural/organic/pure things (as much as I can afford) but the shampoos I buy that leave out sodium lauryl sulfate always seem to not suds up very well & leave my baby fine hair looking less than desirable. I sound like an ad here don't I, lol? Well, the answer to my prayers is this great everyday Shampoo by Shikai. I had suds everywhere! I was in heaven! It is also fairly reasonably priced so that makes it even better!

Ok better get back to more meaningful activities then raving about my new, wonderful shampoo by Shikai (and no they aren't paying me for the advertising).

Sunday, August 26, 2007

I'm no longer on the merrygo round...

I just had to let it go....

Next week will be the one year anniversary of the day I left my "other" career to follow my passion. I was driving today and John Lennon's song "Watching the Wheels Go Round" came on and it just seemed to capture my mindset. Although people may have thought Greg & I crazy to make the changes that we have over the last year, I just feel so content that we decided to stop competing in the rat race & follow a path to happiness. I really feel more content than I ever have in my life. Ok, I was pretty content laying on the beach in Thailand for a month, but this is pretty darn close....

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A New Fall One

Just listed this fall number today. This is my favorite Amy B. fabric from the Belle line & I am so happy fall is here so that I can use it!

Click here if you would like to check out the listing.
In other news, I forgot to share that I am now a member of the Cerises! Great group of gals. What makes it even better is that Brooke from Willow Tree Boutique has decided to join me there. Yeah!
We are enjoying the last few weeks of summer here. I am trying to relish every single moment before my little baby starts JK. I still can't believe it. Shouldn't your stretch marks fade before they are off to school, lol?

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